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In Studio: Portrait Backdrops Available


Did you know we offer custom styled backdrops in our photo studio Good Work HQ?
We thought it would be fun to share the different designs we offer.
Sharing these with you helps to make your clothing selections more cohesive and intentional.
We’re all about the little design details that make your shoot really pop!
We currently have 10 backdrop options!

Each abstract background has a variety of colors and patterns, which allow me to move throughout the space, using different sections of the backdrops makes each capture unique from the last!

We can surround you in the most graphical form of love, hanging multi-colored hearts!

Sometimes we even go to great heights to make a creative concept come to life. Look at little Elliott, I mean Superman, flying high above Metropolis!

We often use little directional lines to point to our adorable subjects!

We always look for ways to up the fun ante of any studio shoot! While we love clean and minimal, we can’t resist a little color party, especially in the form of polka dot tissue paper!

We have some unique colored furniture around the studio that can play nicely with your backdrop of choice!

We use the lines to point to draw the viewers eye into the central focus, AKA your adorable mug!

We want our shoots to feel relaxed and organic. When selecting backdrops, we have the same mindset. The thick brush strokes bring an added organic feel to our images.

Come get creative with us in the studio! Book your appointment here.

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