Puppy Portraits Sacramento


This isn’t your average portrait session. How could I not share these bundles of joy with you? The cuddly little golden retrievers were running around stirring up energy around every corner! Get this—they even have their own little ball pit!

I love photographing pets, I’m sure you know puppies are the cream of the crop! I always encourage families to bringing their K-9s to their photo sessions.

My goal when I’m out on location, is to capture all the action as it naturally unfolds. Of course, I had to stop for a few meetings, well cuddle  “powwows” would be a better term.

I liked coming out to their property to see where these pups actually spend their days. Being around these pups is therapy, euphoria and bliss all wrapped into one. Side note, everyone should add playing with puppies in a ball pit to their bucket list ASAP!


He’s working on his fitness goals…and clearly crushing it 😉

How stoic does this little one look?!

I thinks someone is smiling at me!

After all that running around, I think I’ll need to follow this little ones lead by taking a nap. Only issue is, I can’t seem to locate my personal ball pit haha.

If you have a pet who wants to show off their stuff, let’s set up a session!

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