Jacqueline’s Cake Smash!


I thought the best way to celebrate Friday is to give you a peek through our adorably sweet Cake Smash this past week! I had some studio time with this little Cutie, Jacqueline! I’m sure you remember our cake smash with Elliott, and I think its the best thing ever that cake smash’s are becoming a regular thing in our studio! Jacqueline had a clementine inspired cake smash that the amazing Paper Heart Patisserie made, and it was one of the best days ever!


We were celebrating Jacqueline turning one! This babe is growing so fast, and we were so happy to be able to capture some exceptionally cute photographs of her eating one of Paper Heart Patisserie creations! There are perks to being a baby photographer, and one of them is definitely capturing heart melting cuteness! Take a peek through Jacqueline’s clementine inspired cake smash, its bound to put a smile on your face!




Being a baby photographer is the absolute best, sometimes I gotta pinch myself to make sure this is real! Also, how cute is the styling of this shoot?? From the clementine decorated cake, to the bunting, to the cuties sprinkled across the floor! I’m in love with everything about this!

Cake-Smash-Baby-Photographer-0005 Cake-Smash-Baby-Photographer-0006 Cake-Smash-Baby-Photographer-0007

Pinkies up! This babe even eats her smash cake with class! She barely got dirty at all, but she did put a good dent in that cake! as a baby photographer, I love being able to be a part of moments like this!

We loved getting to photograph you Jacqueline, and Happy Birthday! I love you dearly!

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