Family Session


Meghan Phillips and her two adorable kiddos stopped by the studio for a family session. You may have seen her around town, as she’s the proud co-owner of Honey Agency!

The shoot was full of vibrant yellows, stripes, snuggles and missing front teeth! Here’s to hoping to the tooth fairly thoroughly hooked it up!

These shoots are special to me because as we know kiddos look different every couple months. They are growing like bean stalks, learning new things and constantly evolving. If I had it my way I would love to photograph families every year to show their progression.

The best part about photographing kids is, you never know what they’re going to do on camera! It’s fun to experience their stage presence. Some dudes and dudettes like to show A-L-L their teeth! Because why wouldn’t you show off everything  you’ve got?! It reminds me to stay playful in my work, life and relationships. There is so much to be learned from children.

Getting to capture the dynamic between brothers and sisters is the best. One minute your hugging each other, the next your competing on who can eat their sandwich the fastest, the next they’re having a saber fight. I like to capture the full range of their personalities and nuances.

I mean, you can only guess how she surprised him here, right?!

Thank you to the Phillip’s for stopping by and brightening up my day!

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